Self-Care & Herbal Foot Soaks
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Self-Care & Herbal Foot Soaks

Does all the talk about self care these days leave you feeling like you aren't doing enough? Sometimes it can feel challenging to figure out what types of self care we actually need.

While every time of year is a good time to practice self care, for those of us living in cooler climates it is especially essential to nourish and restore ourselves during the coldest time of year. 

Friday evening, join Moriah Helms and Caitlin Horigan for a guided meditation that will help you uncover physical and emotional self care practices that are right for you.

Moriah will lead us through a guided relaxation and discovery journey, while you dangle your feet in a own personalized herbal foot soak. Sacred energy work will help you to anchor your newly retrieved self care practices into your body and remove some of the common blockages to implementing a realistic and sustainable self-care routine.

Moriah Helms is a radical spiritual mentor and life coach, who is all about self care, community care, and co-creating ways to thrive and grow into the radiant beings we are meant to be. 

Suggested sliding scale $10-$25.

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